Fractional skin resurfacing and skin lesion treatment.

The potential of the erbium laser can be extended from dentistry to dermatology thanks to the special handpieces that can treat skin lesions (FULL FIELD handpiece) and  carry out skin rejuvenation (fractional scanner).
The FULL FIELD handpiece can ablate, vaporize and coagulate different skin layers to treat conditions such as acne, scars, lentigo, xantelasma palpebrarum, solar keratosis, seborrhoic warts, nevi, facial melasma and cysts.
The fractional scanner divides the laser impulse into a many spots over a larger area inducing a more superficial ablation of the skin. This means faster healing and surprising wrinkle improvement.
The scanner can operate in a single or repeated pulse mode, to avoid the formation of skin craters.

erbium dental laser pulse control

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