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It’s time do belive
in a new laser.​

Faster treatment, faster healing, bloodless operation, less anethesia, less pain: welcome to the perfect dental practice. Your Wiser laser will revolutionize the quality of care and the wellbeing of your patients.

The great

The benefits of Wiser can’t be ignored compared to conventional techniques. Wiser is so gentle that the use of anesthetics is not always necessary. Think of children and the most difficult patients: this is the real revolution!

Best results, less risk, faster healing avoiding complications and sutures: this is Tissue Optimized Pulsing surgery by Wiser. Greatest comfort with the highest outcomes for the patients.

New harmony both for
dentist and patients.​

Fear of dentist is a thing of the past with a Wiser by your side.
Its greatest value is safety.

The patient feels comfortable with the laser and the treatment goes smoothly, without complications. Wiser is fast, accurate and tireless: just like the best assistant.
The secret is in the technology: Wiser is a surgical laser designed to manage all treatments such as endodontics, periodontics, soft tissue surgery, therapy, biostimulation and whitening.

Manipolo e Tips

An expert
for any specialist.​

Performance at its best. The success of the treatment is guaranteed by three different user modes:

• Laser–Assisted Protocol: a tutorial will guide you step by step with all necessary actions to guaranteed the success of any operation. The interface suggests power, time and specific tip to use.

• Quick mode: pre-set programs allow fast use with the best golden standard protocols. This mode is designed for faster and simpler use of the laser in most common daily treatments.

• Advanced mode: wider, broader and more specific fields of application are for each treatment. This mode allows the customization of any parameter of the laser emission.

wiser 2

More value to your
professional skills

  • Powerful: up to 16W peak of power
  • Tissue Optimized Pulsing: adaptable settings for all types of soft tissue
  • 3 selection working modalities: self-assisted, quick and advanced
  • Smart: the Laser Assisted Protocol offers great safety in any procedure
  • Intuitive: rapid selection of treatments through simple iconography
  • Ergonomic: wide touch display
  • Portable: it works without cables, with a wireless pedal
  • Rechargeable: in just 60 seconds thanks to the patented Super Cap system
  • Autoclavable tips: maximum hygiene and less operating costs
  • Stylish: Italian design, innovative and compact

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