Diploma in Laser Dentistry
Sharad Pawar Dental College
Sawangi, Wardha, Maharashtra, India

Apr 22nd  to April 24th , 2012

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The Diploma in laser dentistry is jointly offered by The University Of Genova, Italy & Dutta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences(DU) Sharad Pawar Dental College & Hospital Swangi(M) Wardha, India. 

The said Diploma Course is a well planned and thoughtfully designed curricular program spread over 90 hours of Didactic and hands on training spread over 5 Modules. At the end of course it is desired that the trainee should acquire.

Comprehensive knowledge of laser physics and Laser applications

Skills inculcation pertaining to laser therapy for the benefit of the patients

The training will be conducted by senior and expert faculty from India who have acquired name in the field of lasers & have gained substantial experience in Laser applications. The final module will be conducted by the faculty members from the University of Genova, Italy.

 Evaluation of Trainees
The evaluation modality for the said course shall be according to the CGPS System. Successful completion of the course and examination shall be recognized by the presentation of Diploma in Laser Dentistry

Course Structure
The Course shall be composed of 4 modules, covering the following areas laid down in the syllabus jointly notified by the  University of Genova and DMIMS (DU):

Laser physics
Types of lasers and their applicability.
Soft tissue applications of lasers in oral surgery, Periodontics, endodontics, premalignant lesions, vascular lesions, TMJ, implantology, cosmetology depigmantations etc.
Hard tissue applications of lasers in implantology, conservative dentistry, oral surgery, prosthodontics, periodontal surgeries.
Laser hazards & protection
Handling the equipments
Maintenance of the equipments
Home assignments
Project writing (dissertation)
Extensive preclinical & clinical hands on training sessions.
Assessment by CGPS system.

Exhaustive program spanning almost 90hrs
Extensive training to hard & soft tissue Laser
Internationally accepted and recognized curricula.
After every module – patients provided at the institution for hands-on experience.
Follow up of the patient will be provided by the designated coordinators from the respectivedepartments.
Joint Evaluation by faculties from the University of Genova, Italy & DMIMS (DU)
The course shall help in acquiring eligibility to pursue M.Sc. course at the University of Genova in laser dentistry.

More information: phone 9819796899/9820129865/07152287701