TIPS – Freedom of action in all treatments

Practical tips of easy interchangeability that are applied directly on the handpiece; they are of different color and diameter depending on the intervention for which they were designed; they are also autoclavable for maximum hygiene.

tip implant

Suitable for decontamination of implant sites

Identified by a white ring

Tip diam. 300 microns, length 8 mm

tip therapy

Suitable for the treatment of canker sores, herpes, cheilitis and dentinal hypersensitivity

Identified by a black ring

Tip diam. 400 microns, length 8 mm

tip periodontology

Suitable for the decontamination and anti-inflammation of periodontal pockets.

Identified by a yellow ring

Tip diam. 400 microns, length 10 mm

tip surgery

Suitable for gingival surgery.

Identified by a green ring

Tip diam. 300 microns, length 5 mm

tip endodontics

Suitable for decontamination of endodontic canals.

Identified by a blue ring

Tip diam. 200 microns, length 15 mm

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