The dental laser is the cutting edge of dentistry!
Using the laser in daily practice brings optimal results in the treatment of many pathologies.

The bactericidal action of the laser is particularly effective in the root canal, in the apical delta and in the dentine tubuli, speeding up the healing process of peri-apical lesions in comparison to traditional treatments.

Thanks to its bactericidal effect the laser can quickly and thoroughly decontaminate gingival pockets.

In implantology the application of laser technology has opened up new possibilities, especially in the treatment of perimucosal pathologies, peri implantitis and implant uncovering.

With dental diode lasers it is possible to perform a bloodless surgical operation with a complete haemostasis and an effective decontamination of the tissue.

The Erbium laser can operate easily and accurately on hard tissue with less trauma and  reduced post-op complications than conventional surgical instruments.

Ideal for LWS bleaching, fast and stress-free.
Applications: caries removal, enamel etching, groove sealing.

Therapeutic treatment of cancker sores, herpetic and aphthous ulcers , cheiliti angles, TMJ pain therapy, leucoplachia, lichen ruber planus.

Biostimulation improves post-operative wound healing and induces remarkable results in analgesic therapy. 


Stimulate tissues and allow a natural regeneration that corrects the degenerative effects of age and cellular aging, including vascular lesions*.