Applications: caries removal, enamel etching, groove sealing.

Thanks to the erbium laser, hard tissue laser dentistry can be a virtually painless experience for patients: less anaesthetics and no drilling. The PLUSER’s Er:Yag wavelength – 2940 nm- is mostly absorbed by water and is therefore assimilated greatly by hydroxiapatite. The erbium laser is very effective for the removal of hard tissues such as caries, since it is extremely selective, due to the large quantity of water in decayed enamel and dentine. The use of a laser on hard tissue also avoids the risk microfractures caused by the vibrations of the bur. The speed of the Boost handpiece means less chair time for patients! There is no direct contact between the laser handpiece and the patient so  the risk of cross contamination is much less.
Laser light can also be usefully employed in numerous different hard tissue applications, such as etching of the enamel for veneers and groove sealing.


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