The Third Generation Laser at Your Service

Doctor-Smile lasers are designed for perfectionist and forward-thinking dentists who wish to update their professional offering with new treatment possibilities that only the latest laser technology can offer.




980nm single wavelength technology: the new generation of dental diode lasers. Easy to learn and useful in any situation, it helps the dentist in daily practice.

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The only diode laser in the world with triple wavelength blended for soft tissue results never seen before. Advanced technology also in navigation thanks to the onboard Android operating system.



The erbium laser to intervene on soft and hard tissues with a single instrument, Pluser is the king of the operating room thanks to its completeness. Intuitive and precise, it brings the clinic to the new dimension of minimally invasive laser dentistry.


Pluser Kombi è il laser che evolve lo studio, proiettandolo nel futuro. Sinonimo di trattamenti rapidi e innovazione nel trattamento di tessuti durimollichirurgia osseachirurgia dermatologica (terzo medio inferiore).

Why the laser?

The dental laser is the cutting edge of dentistry!
Using the laser in daily practice means optimal results in the treatment of many pathologies.
In particular, in the treatment of the soft tissues of the oral cavity, the application is almost painless and guarantees long-lasting results.
This means raising the standards of care for patients who will benefit from the quickest and simplest intervention, while at the same time raising the professionalism of the practice.
Laser technology as an alternative to conventional methods brings numerous advantages:

  • less invasive and less painful operations
  • faster and more efficient treatments
  • minimal anesthesia required
  • hemostatic and bactericidal effect
  • clearer and cleaner operating field
  • cutting precision with good preservation of healthy tissue
  • no vibration or turbine noise
  • also useful for cosmetic procedures
  • less post-operative discomfort




root canal decontamination, granuloma, pulpectomy.



Laser treatments of parodontitis and periodontal pockets, curettage



Implant site decontamination, implant uncover, peri implantitis treatment.



frenectomy, gingivectomy, haemostasis, opercolectomy, papillectomy, ...


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Dott.ssa Lucrezia Parma Benfenati – Ferrara

"After obtaining the" Certificat de Competénce Clinique en surgie dentaire lasers assistee "by Dr. Rey in 2016 at the Université Paris-Diderot, I had the great privilege of using this machine and introducing it in the management of multiple treatments of clinical daily life. . Among the many benefits in its use, it guarantees me greater endocanal decontamination, bactericidal action during non-surgical periodontal instrumentation and optimal tissue healing in cases of minor surgery. Its ease of use makes it usable also by operators. less experienced. "

Dott. Walter Chiamenti - Negrar di Valpolicella

"The laser technology has made me increase the panorama of the performances that I can offer in my dental office. With the laser I have implemented in particular two sectors: one aimed at periodontology and one at photobiomodulation. Laser technology not only introduces a new way of doing therapy for the patient, but also introduces new therapeutic areas and offers greater satisfaction, both from a professional point of view and for the patient. "

Dott. Francesco Buoncristiani - San Vincenzo

"The use of the laser guarantees targeted, non-invasive, pain-free interventions with long-term benefits. I use it particularly in the treatment of caries: filling with the is an innovative technique that allows me to treat caries in a non-invasive way , working only on the infected tissue. From the patient's point of view it is widely accepted as it avoids the pain, the noise of the drill or the discomfort of anesthesia. "

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