Gum surgery


Laser applications and treatments in oral surgery: frenulectomy, gingivoplasty, haemostasis, operculectomy, papillectomy, removal of fibroids and cysts, sulcular conditioning, treatment of abscesses.

With the Wiser diode laser, the surgical action takes place in complete haemostasis and decontamination of the surgical site: this allows for faster healing and less swelling. Furthermore, compared to surgery with a scalpel, the operation takes place in a bloodless field, guaranteeing excellent visibility of the operating field. Other indisputable advantages, apart from the bactericidal and coagulant properties, are the absolute lack of fasciculation of the muscle tissue and a high predictability of the result.

Soft tissue surgery with the Pluser erbium laser is particularly indicated for its speed of execution and cutting precision; the ability to control bleeding allows excellent visibility of the surgical field and speeds up post-treatment healing times. The erbium laser is used to incise the gum in order to reshape its margins, remove excess tissue, uncover included teeth and much more.