Bone Surgery

Bone Surgery

Laser applications and treatments in bone surgery: sinus lift, split crest, apicoectomy, bone grafting, implant site preparation, clinical crown lengthening, bone regeneration, treatment of peri-implantitis.

The Pluser erbium laser can operate on the hard tissues of the oral cavity, easily and with less trauma, creating both a gingival access flap and bone removal quickly and accurately, with more accurate bone breach margins than those obtained with rotary instruments.

The erbium laser, in addition to having a bactericidal action at the same time as the treatment is performed, maintains the temperature of the target tissue unchanged thanks to the spray of water emitted by the handpiece and the instantaneous vaporisation of the same inside the tissues.

This mechanism of action guarantees respect for the biological properties of the residual bone, without creating necrosis or denaturation of the protein matrix. In fact, unlike mechanical preparation of bone tissue using rotating instruments, the risk of overheating the tissue is practically non-existent.

In addition to this, the biostimulating capacity of laser light promotes healing by increasing oxidative metabolism, resulting in improved oxygen transport by the oxyhaemoglobin of the superficial vessels. Bone surgery using the erbium laser also increases blood supply, which will be of great help in the subsequent regeneration activity.