FLAT TOP handpiece


more than
a therapy tool

The Flat Top Handpiece AB2799 is an essential tool to obtain positive effects on the cell membrane and on the
mitochondria, causing an improvement in wounds healing, tissue reparation and in preventing the tissue necrosis. Photobiomodulation effects guarantee relief during inflammations due to chronical diseases, with neuro-genic pain and with some neurological diseases. It can be applied in the treatment of large areas of the mouth and perioral region, after surgical interventions of extractive, implantological type, in the gingival treatments decontaminating and/or regenerative.

Flat top


Designed by Prof. Alberico Benedicenti of Genoa University in collaboration with Doctor Smile, the Flat Top Handpiece AB2799 is a device capable of emitting a quantity of optimal energy and constant over a surface of 1 cm², up to a distance of 105 cm from the area affected by the treatment, while maintaining the same beneficial effect. In this way the properties of the Diode laser so modulated, guarantee a further increase of ATP and of the synthesis proteins, promoting an anti-inflammatory and biostimulant action of cellular repair.

By adopting a special lens system, which allows a constant focusing of the laser beam, the Flat Top Handpiece AB2799 enables to obtain the same energy density thanks to the constant focusing system. The emission of the laser beam is therefore flat and not conical, ensuring more infiltration into the tissues and a better result in therapies, completely removing potential operator faults.

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