This 2015 edition of IDS in Cologne, Germany, is of particular importance to Doctor Smile, leading dental laser manufacturer, since it marks the beginning of a new era in dental laser technology: Doctor Smile is pleased to officially announce the launch of its new diode and erbium laser, Wiser and Pluser.

Doctor Smile’s R&D department has been hard at work during the past year to create and fine-tune all the incredible innovations that have transformed the former line of lasers into smart medical devices in terms of design, medical content and user experience.

“I am confident that any doctor will greatly appreciate the effort we have put in creating lasers that are not only valid medical instruments but also companions in their day to day use: better manageability, easier maintenance and especially a greater all around medical experience,” says Pierpaolo Marcon. CEO. “I really believe that this is the beginning of a real laser revolution. No practice can be left without this incredible technology!”

Great design. Full touch screen interface based on Android, Wi Fi connection for system diagnosis and content upgrade.

Improved hygiene, less wires, greater manageability.

Come and preview the new LASEREVOLUTION at IDS, Hall 11.1 stand E058











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