Brendola (VI), Italy. October 10th, 2012.
Doctor Smile, the dental laser brand based in Italy, has reached record numbers in the production of diode lasers for dental applications. This important result is a demonstration that its business model can compete successfully across a growing number of territories. Thanks to this effective business expansion Doctor Smile dental lasers are being distributed in an impressive number of countries worldwide. The cornerstone of this achievement lies in its top quality diode laser production that is able to compete even the most difficult and remote markets: thanks to our numerous partners and distributors around the world it is possible to find a Doctor Smile laser almost everywhere!
In order to strengthen and consolidate this business Doctor Smile has invested in education: the direct collaboration with prestigious Universities and other academic partners around the word means offering clients not only the best technology but also high level clinical training to accompany the purchase of its products.
“We must thank the many people and companies that have contributed to this achievement in production:  we are very proud to be dealing with such a consistent number of partners and distributors from India to the Pacific, across the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. Our solid business plan and quality products are a guarantee for all,” comments Alex Boschi, export manager of LAMBDA SpA.