Fellowship in Advanced Laser Dentistry

Where: Bahrein and Italy

When: 4 two day modules in June, July, August, October 2015

In collaboration with the University of Genoa, Italy, the Mastery Academy has organized a Fellowship in Advanced Laser Dentistry articulated in four two-day modules held in Bahrein and in Genoa, Italy.

This course aims at giving dentists a complete and thorough training on the applications of lasers for hard and soft tissue treatments, thanks to the knowledge of some of the best laser experts in the world: S. Benedicenti (course director), J. Habli,  E. Romagnoli, N. Berna, I.M. El said Kassem, A. Mathews.


Module 1: Laser History – Low level laser – Historical aspects of laser development

Module 2: Laser use in oral hard tissue management – Laser use in endodontics

Module 3: Laser use in soft tissue, implants, periodontics – Laser use in soft tissue managements

Module 4 (in Genoa, Italy): Live Clinical Operations – examination and certificate

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