On Nov. 11th, 2013 the first International Fellowship on Laser Dentistry Postgraduate Diploma between China and Italy came to a close. The fellowship, that began in May 2013, saw many international laser experts bring their experience to Beijing and surrounding area doctors throughout the educational modules organized in both countries over the past months. The participants completed the last of their training sessions at the University of Genova, Italy. The group included representatives of many Chinese medical institutions in the Beijing area such as the Beijing Stomatological Hospital, the Capital Medical University, the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, the General Hospital of Civil Aviation and the Peking University School Of Stomatology.  Their stay in Italy also included a day at the LAMBDA headquarters and production site in Vicenza, to visit the premises and celebrate the conclusion of their training. During the entire course Doctor Smile Dental Laser manufacturer, were present as service providers and coordinators of the event.