Brendola, Italy. November 12th, 2012.
Recent engineering developments at the Doctor Smile research and development center have brought significant improvements to the erbium laser technology: the Doctor Smile Pluser erbium laser has been enhanced in its hard tissue cutting potential thanks to the combination of the Boost tipless handpiece and a full 10W of power. The result is ultra fast, easy cavity preparation with the comfort of laser dentistry: no fractures and vibrations from drilling, less pain and less anesthetics for patients. “Improving performance without increasing costs is what my  job is all about,” says the head engineer of the Doctor Smile research center. “We can finally state without a doubt that laser removal of enamel is not only safer but definitely faster that drilling.”
The innovation was presented and applauded by physicians in occasion of the International Congress of Laser Pediatric Dentistry held in Genoa, Italy on Nov. 10th, 2012.  Younger patients are in fact the most difficult to treat and deserve special care. With a preforming laser such as the 10W Pluser, children will experience greater ease at each sitting, cooperate and be less reluctant to visit the dental practice for future checkups.  “Why should anyone feel discomfort or pain when there is a valid alternative? This congress proves it, and as laser technology reaches the high standards set by the medical community, it is only possible to look forward, so we can finally take the fear out of the visit to the dentist!” exclaimed Alex Boschi, doctor smile export manager.

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