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Easier, faster, simply better. It’s Pluser: the erbium laser that every modern dental practice should offer its clients, to change their idea of a visit to the dentist’s forever. As time goes by, it is important to keep up with the clinical instruments designed to make your practice take speed, by maximizing benefits and minimizing worries. Pluser is the answer that anticipates the question.

Pluser is a high-tech medical device that will launch the traditional dental practice into the future. The word Pluser means offering many things to your patients: less pain, faster treatment, professional skill, smart versatility and continuous innovation in the treatment of soft and hard tissue, bone surgery and dermatology.


in your daily routine.

High quality and top performance, from the most advanced surgical procedure to everyday treatments. Pluser will shed new light on commonly performed routine operations such as tooth decay, with a more relaxed and confident approach.

The erbium laser’s high power speeds up cavity preparation and eliminates annoying vibration. The right amount of laser power will avoid any fractures that could weaken the structure of the tooth and preserve all healthy tissue. Pluser can reach 10W of power, with a variable pulse frequency between 5 and 100Hz, thanks to a new generation of erbium laser source. It is an extraordinary device, which performs exceptionally in any clinical situation, without limits.

Many treatments,

one Pluser

Hard tissue

  • Caries removal
  • Class I-V cavity preparation
  • Etching
  • Composite removal
  • Sealing grooves
  • Desensitization

Soft tissue

  • Surgery
  • Frenectomy
  • Implant uncovering
  • Peri-implantitis
  • Contouring
  • Depigmentation

Bone Surgery

  • Split-crest
  • Sinus lift
  • Implant site preparation
  • Crown lengthening
  • Apicoectomy
  • Bone implant


  • Dermatological surgery
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Skin regeneration
Pluser Laser

Multitasking​ IN A CLICK.

Pluser is a multi-disciplinary platform with numerous applications in dentistry and dermatology. The wide range of handpieces will accompany you in every treatment, with simplicity and effectiveness.

The easy-click system lets you switch handpieces easily, without wasting time. A quick touch lets you select your discipline: dentistry or dermatology. The graphic interface suggests which handpiece to use within the treatment list.

  • Easy-click system
  • Dental handpieces: BOOST, straight and 90°
  • Dermal handpieces: full field and fractional
manipoli paralleli NL

Research​ at its best.

Doctor Smile’s Research and Development department has created new solutions to improve the way you work with Pluser. The innovative MagicARM supports the optic fibre so that you can operate in the most comfortable position, without any strain on your back. When not in use, the MagicARM fibre can be stored without taking up space. Pluser’s original design will fascinate your patients, not scare them!

Pluser Magic Arm

Android​ on board.

Pluser uses the new proXimo software created by Doctor Smile on Android. You will be able to scroll and select the preset treatments with a simple swipe, thanks to the practical sliding menus. The 10.1” touch screen display lets you view every important operation parameter at all times. To get the most out of your Pluser, you can change the preset values with a simple touch.

Discover the future
in a simple touch.

Pluser’s smart: its intuitive, colour touchscreen gives fast and easy access to the preset treatments under the categories gum, tooth and bone. Pluser is a medical encyclopaedia, always ready for consultation. Its database arises from the lengthy experience of doctors and researchers on the use of the erbium laser.

Thanks to the Android platform and the Wi-Fi connection, Pluser is always on line, to offer you maximum support. The clinical protocols will be constantly updated with the latest research and innovation discovered by our laser tutors. The multimedia encyclopaedia offers a wide array of tutorial clinical videos. In order to solve any problem rapidly, Doctor Smile’s service will be able to run a system diagnostic check remotely.

The secret
is in the pulse.

Pluser’s laser source was designed to create two different pulses: Gaussian and Square. The Gaussian pulse is ideal for dental applications because it guarantees tissue preservation and is well tolerated by patients: the energy is distributed gradually in order to reduce stress and pain. The Square pulse is especially useful in dermatology because it can progressively release heat to coagulate and stimulate the dermis.

  • Gaussian Pulse for dental applications
  • Square Pulse for dermal applications
  • Complete Pulse shape personalization
  • DEEP pulse for fractional treatments

Pluser derma​
quality is
never only
skin deep.

Pluser gives you the opportunity to broaden your professional horizons, with the singular advantage of a complete treatment list.
Pluser is so precise and versatile that it can be used in dermatology. With its specific tools your dental practice becomes a multi speciality medical clinic that also offers dermatologic treatments.

The Derma version includes a full field handpiece for skin lesions treatments.
The Fractional model also contains the fractional handpiece.
What is the meaning of all this?
New treatments, new clinical cases, new patients.

design,​ style, attitude.

Smoothly shaped, easy to handle, limited size. This is Pluser. The best laser technology cased inside real Italian design. Front and rear handles, large wheels, limited weight: Pluser will be by your side during your greatest moments.

Pluser varie viste

The 10 temptations
of Pluser​.

1.    Fast and precise cutting

The BOOST freebeam handpiece technology does not require tip changes for different treatments: it operates without contact therefore improving hygiene.

2.    Double impulse

Pluser is the only laser that lets you choose the pulse shape: the Gaussian pulse for comfort in dentistry and the square pulse for effective treatments in dermatology.

3.    Complete set of tools

Pluser is a versatile, modular platform that allows fast handpiece and tip changes for different advanced applications, thanks to the easy-click connection system.

4.    Built- in video guide

The colour touch screen gives fast access to numerous preset treatments and clinical videos of many treatment procedures to help guide you step by step.

5.    From dentistry to dermatology

Pluser is a cutting edge tool for dermal surgery and skin rejuvenation thanks to its specific handpieces and treatment protocols.

6.    Intuitive experience

Browsing is fast and fluid thanks to the carousel menu present on the large touchscreen. Select the protocols with a simple click for the highest clinic efficiency.

7.    Optic fibre

Flexible, practical and extremely durable: Pluser’s optic fibre delivery system lets you operate freely, with greater comfort and efficiency.

8.    Wireless footswitch

Avoid messy cables in your work place: the wireless pedal allows you to power laser emission without wires.

9.    Wi-Fi direct

Pluser’s Wi-Fi connection allows software upgrades, content upload and technical service, at any time.

10. 100% Made in Italy

Pluser is a CE certified medical device, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy.

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