Simpler, Doctor Smile’s affordable diode laser for dentistry, is now available with a complete two in one working mode. The basic software allows fast access to everyday preset treatments in a single touch. The dental treatments are set to internationally approved gold standard laser parameters to help new laser users start working immediately and safely. The ADV+ advanced software is engineered to increase the performance of the laser, for better surgery and a greater variety of treatments. The freedom to choose a fast, standard approach or a more detailed and comprehensive system gives the dentist full control of his/her time and working experience. Special treatment Apps can also be added to the Simpler laser: they include clinically tested, internationally approved preset parameters and specially engineered tools such as the extra-oral antalgic therapy flat top handpiece, or the handpiece for skin rejuvenation.

Simpler is still one of the most affordable diode lasers on the market today and it offers and incredible quantity of features: the return on investment will be fast and easy. For further information visit the Simpler web page or contact [email protected]