Step By Step operative techniques, Indications, Protocols and Clinical Case with follow-up; 14 chapters entirely dedicated to the use of the Diode Laser:

1.  Clinical Stability
2.  Laser Assisted Nonsurgical Periodontal Treatment
3.  Safety Regulations
4.  Diode Laser Periodontal Treatment Protocol
5.  Biostimulation
6.  Diode Laser – Characteristic And Decontamination
7.  Step By Step Operative Technique
8.  Gengivoplasty
9.  Non Surgical Periodontal Treatment Protocols
10.  Chair Operator Position
11.  Mucositis And Perimplantitis – Laser Assisted Non Surgical Therapeutic  Approach
12.  Herpes Labialis. Laser Treatment
13.  Ulcerous Apthae. Laser Treatment
14.  Laser Assisted Vital Tooth Bleaching

Numerous illustrations and animations are included in this educational DVD.

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