Brendola, Italy 01/06/12

The leading doctor smile dental laser brand has announced the launch of the new edition of its successful and innovative portable diode laser: Wiser.

Among the new features of this portable dental diode laser is the improved manageability thanks to the Sensa-Touch handpiece that operates the laser with a light touch of the finger, reducing the strain of button pressure, therefore improving the doctor’s surgical precision.

To complement this technology a new and simpler user interface has been developed: it offers a direct treatment selection of the most commonly used treatment setting procedures to make operation even faster and simpler. For those wishing to personalize single parameters the advanced precedent version is still present in the laser.

The same design and the same portability functions of the Wiser laser are again among the top features of this instrument that is appreciated by hundreds of dentists worldwide: it charges in sixty seconds and can be moved from one chair to the other without the hassle of power cables. It is light and is designed with a perfectly smooth, easy to clean surface.

“When it comes to surgical instruments every detail counts,” says Alessandro Boschi, sales manager of the doctor smile dental laser brand. “The quality of the Wiser laser has never been better.  With so much positive feedback from dentists we know that the Wiser dental laser will stand the test of time. We strive to improve every detail in our products, so we hope that this new edition will be even more appreciated!”

For  further details visit the Wiser product page or contact [email protected]