It’s official: the laser evolution has begun! Following the successful presentation of Doctor Smile’s new lasers at the 2015 edition of IDS, it is time to start spreading the news about the innovations that are bound to change the global dental laser market forever. The diode laser Wiser and the erbium laser Pluser have been restyled, more beautiful and manageable than ever before. And they’ve been revolutionized on the inside, to make laser dentistry a smart medical experience.

How so?

Just as our lives have changed through tablets and smart phones, Doctor Smile’s dental lasers now have a full colour touchscreen interface, for fast and complete access to all treatment information. Pluser’s proXimo software runs on Android and is always connected for live updates in medical content and system upgrades.

When designing the new laser features, Doctor Smile’s R&D department has kept in mind two things that we can never get enough of: saving time and cutting costs.

Forget fibre stripping and changing: Wiser’s better than ever autoclavable tips and handpiece cover will improve overall hygiene while you save time when preparing your laser. The Wiser diode laser is fully portable and charges in just one minute.

Pluser’s Easy-Click handpiece system lets you switch tools easily without interrupting your session. The Pluser erbium laser also features the new Magic Arm: the optic fibre pulls out gradually so you can operate with maximum comfort and ease. When it is not in use, the fibre withdraws and is protected from accidental shock.

There are no doubts about the overall benefits of laser dentistry for patients and doctors alike: today, quality dental care is a must for any practice that wants to stay one step ahead.

Now, the best technology is now available to all.

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