Laser treatments of parodontitis and periodontal pockets, curettage, gingival grafting.


Thanks to its bactericidal effect the laser can quickly and thoroughly decontaminate gingival pockets: this produces a significant reduction of bacteria and avoids a long and uncomfortable recovery. Through the natural analgesic and biostimulating effects of laser irradiation, patients usually have minimal post-operative discomfort. The diode laser is useful for the treatment of:

  • Laser soft tissue curettage
  • Laser removal of diseased, infected, inflamed, and necrosed soft tissue within the periodontal pocket
  • Removal of highly inflamed edematous tissue affected by bacteria penetration of the pocket lining and junctional epithelium
  • Sulcular debridement (removal of diseased or inflamed soft tissue in the periodontal pocket to improve clinical indices including: gingival index, gingival bleeding index, probe depth, attachment loss and tooth mobility)
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